Silicone Mate Gourd with Bombilla Straw

  • Modern Design: This innovative Kalmateh Gourd is made out of 100% Food Grade BPA Free  Silicone and is dishwasher safe. It holds up to 5 oz (200ml). It is thoughtfully designed to connect the traditional mate lovers with the modern world. It is light, flexible & unbreakable and there is no need to cure the gourd! 
  • Sweat and Burn Free: Hot liquids won’t impact the exterior of Kalmateh Gourds, which means that they will not have condensation. Your Mate will always be safe and comfortable to hold hot or cold liquids without the "sweat."
  • Ergonomic Innovation: Tradition meets the 21st century, inspired from the classic Argentine Yerba Mate Calabash Gourd. This modern and practical yerba mate gourd is easy to clean with just a quick rinse, allowing you to enjoy all of the yerba mate benefits in a simplified and trendy way!
  • Bombilla Accessory: Each gourd cup comes with a robust high-quality stainless steel bombilla straw. Each bombilla comes with a permanent, spoon shaped filter head to keep the yerba leaves from getting inside the straw. Included with each bombilla, is a special brush to assist with cleaning and maintenance.
  • Guaranteed Quality Service: Our customer's satisfaction is our main priority. If you are not entirely satisfied or have questions regarding our products, please contact us so we can answer your concerns!

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