About Us


In Spanish, the word "calmate" means to calm oneself down or to unwind. That is one of our goals with Kalmateh- not only for our organic and fair-trade yerba mate to energize you with an amazing burst of positivity, but also for you to find your moment in the day to unwind and calm yourself down with it.
We sourced our inspiration for the yerba mate line from the Mandala, symbolizing balance, unity and harmony, as well as signifying the wholeness of the self. As seen blended in our line, the mandala leads to higher consciousness and awareness that can provide focus, deeper relaxation, and spiritual connection. Whenever you drink our yerba mate, we want you to feel that sense of balance, harmony, wholeness, relaxation and connection with others around you and with yourself.



Mariana, Valentina and Lucila Gamburd, a mother and daughter team from Argentina, noticed that when they moved to the United States in 2001 their love and passion for drinking yerba mate was lacking a sense community compared to the mate community that prevailed in South America. For them, drinking their mate the traditional way was like having a companion at all times, and whenever they found someone else who shared this fondness for the healthy, energizing beverage, an immediate connection and friendship would spark.

While growing up in the states, Lucila and Valentina noticed that the mate culture was barely established as their peers were curious to know what it was when they would bring it to school or work every day. Valen and Luli felt that they was missing the sense of community and connection that the mate culture offered back home, and when they voiced their thoughts to their mother, Mariana, they both loved the idea of incorporating the traditions of drinking mate in the states, as well as fostering and nourishing a modern mate community. With innovative and elegant double-walled stainless steel mate gourds and thermos as well as organic, fair trade and high quality yerba, they inspired to grow the mate community that was seeped into their roots, while offering modernizing ways for the mate community to be able to cultivate and flourish here.